Waste disposal

Dear Visitors,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the waste is deposited on a fully outfitted surface, meaning that all environmental protection requirements are satisfied. Our staff at the entrance will be happy to answer all your questions, and we also have a guest book. ZGOS waste disposal rates apply.
We would like to use this opportunity to remind you that the Prudinec Landfill in Jakuševec is a non-hazardous waste disposal facility and does not accept waste that does not fit this category. When entering the landfill, you are under obligation to submit the required documentation, including an accurate declaration for the waste you have brought in. It is your obligation and your responsibility.

Disposal of the following types of waste is prohibited:

  • Liquid waste, with the exception of the dregs/sludge from the leachate waters treatment device collecting and treating leachate waters from the landfill body,
  • Waste which, in the conditions of landfill, is explosive, corrosive, oxidising, highly flammable or flammable, as defined by special regulations,
  • Hospital and other clinical wastes arising from medical and/or veterinary establishments, which have the properties of hazardous medical waste as defined by special regulations,
  • Waste tyres,
  • Animal and slaughterhouse waste, animal carcasses and animal products, unless thermally processed as defined by special regulations,
  • Waste industrial and automobile batteries and accumulators,
  • Waste motor vehicles and their untreated component parts arising from the process of treatment and recovery of waste vehicles,
  • Waste electrical and electronic devices and equipment,
  • All other types of waste not fulfilling the criteria for the acceptance of waste at the Landfill, as defined in Appendix III of the Regulations on the Manner and Conditions of Waste Disposal, Categories and Operating Conditions for Landfills (Official Gazette NN 114/15, 103/18 i 56/19) and not encompassed by the Waste
  • Management Permit of the Prudinec/Jakuševec Landfill.

Owner of the waste is responsible for attempting to deposit unpermitted types of waste and for the costs of its subsequent removal (ZGOS rates apply). Should such waste be unloaded at the Landfill, it will be returned to the owner-carrier, who will have to settle all costs arising from subsequent waste loading.

We kindly ask you to follow these instructions to help us protect the environment and minimize costs together.

Last changed: 6 May 2020