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Construction waste recycling

Construction waste recycling facility was built at the Prudinec Landfill in Jakuševec, where rubble, concrete debris and other construction site waste is converted into recycled material. Use of recycled materials (e.g. in waste cover-up or in the construction of access roads leading to the Landfill) prevents the destruction of natural resources.

Description of the construction waste recycling facility

Facility can recycle brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, stone and other types of construction waste.
It consists of an access ramp, hopper, primary jaw crusher, manual selection section, secondary impact crusher, light particle separator, a set of sieves for the separation of 0-4 mm, 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm fractions, and a return conveyor returning particles larger than 32 mm, with the possibility of grouping certain fractions in a single exit. Light fractions (plastic, paper, etc.), wood, metal, etc. are separated during the work process. Facility is also equipped with a bucket-wheel excavator with hydraulic hammer, a loader and a dump truck.
Primary jaw crusher accepts individual pieces not larger than 80x100 cm. Larger pieces of construction waste must be broken up using the hydraulic hammer mounted on the excavator. The fractions of output recycled material are 0-4 mm, 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm.
Jaw crusher was installed at the construction waste recycling facility to increase its capacity and its ability to accept larger concrete debris.

Effective facility capacity:
50 tonnes/hour
Installed equipment:
  1. Hopper and ramp
  2. Grill vibrating feeder that separates dirt and fractions smaller than 45 mm
  3. Circular conveyor transporting materials smaller than 45 mm below the feeder’s grill
  4. Jaw crusher
  5. Crusher conveyor - manual selection conveyor
  6. Electromagnetic metal separator
  7. Equipment for manual extraction of large pieces (stand, house, six containers)
  8. Impact crusher
  9. Primary single sieve with 20 mm openings
  10. Conveyor belt leading to the primary sieve
  11. Conveyor belt leading to the light particle separator
  12. “Typhoon” light particle separator with connector strips connecting it with the main sieve conveyor
  13. Primary four-level sieve (4 mm, 8 mm, 16 mm and 32 mm)
  14. Circular conveyor belts for 4 mm, 8 mm, 16 mm and 32 mm fractions
  15. Stable conveyor for 0-4 mm fraction with a separator of the 1st and 2nd class material
  16. Two conveyors for the return of material larger than 32 mm
  17. Jaw crusher
Construction waste recycling plant is managed by the branch Zagrebačke ceste.

Last modified: 13/9/2018