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What is municipal waste?

Municipal waste is waste from households and wastes from manufacturing and / or service activities if it is similar in nature and composition to waste from households (Waste Act, Nos. 178/2004, 153/2005, 111/2006, 60/08, 39 / 09). 

What is production waste?

Production waste is waste that is generated in the manufacturing process in industry, crafts and other processes, and by its composition and properties it differs from municipal waste. Production waste is not considered as residues from the production process used in the manufacturing process of the same producer (Waste Act, NN 178/2004, 153/2005, 111/2006). 

What is waste treatment?

Waste treatment is a process that changes the properties of waste in a mechanical, physical, thermal, chemical or biological process, including classification, to reduce the amount and / or the hazardous properties, and facilitates handling and improves the waste utilization (Waste Act, OG 178/2004 , 153/2005, 111/2006).

Where can I find a list of companies that have a permit for hazardous waste treatment? 

A list of companies that have a permit for hazardous waste treatment can be found on the website or on the website of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Environmental Protection and Construction. 

What is leachate?

Leachate is water contained in waste, water that is generated by decomposed waste and water that passes through debris, containing desorbed, dispersed and dissolved substances from waste. 

What are mercaptans?

Mercaptans are carbon, hydrogen and sulfur compounds. These are colorless gases or, at a temperature below 6 ° C, clear liquids are unpleasant odors. Pure mercaptans are easily flammable and create airborne explosive mixtures with air. At normal temperature they are rapidly hydrolyzed with the release of hydrogen disulphide and the corresponding alcohol. In the gaseous state they are irritating to the eyes and the respiratory tract.