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Garbage and waste


If the waste unloading supervisor notices that a truck delivered waste which is banned from the
Prudinec/Jakuševec disposal site, they will not allow the waste to be unloaded from the truck and
the vehicle will be ordered to leave the premises. In case of banned waste being already unloaded,
the waste in question will be loaded back onto the truck and the polluted area will be cleaned at the
expense of the owner of the waste.


Each fragment of a piece of paper is a part of nature which contains fragments of the Sun, water,
soil, plants, energy, and the future of our children.
Therefore, never toss paper into the trash can.
Used paper needs to be placed into a special box. Metal pins or plastic wrappers have to be removed
from the paper.
At the end of each workday, dispose used paper into a blue container.
The advanced primary recycling system of the City of Zagreb guarantees that all quantities of used
paper which has been properly disposed into blue containers will be fully recycled in Croatian paper

Each year, quantities of recycled paper waste in the City of Zagreb are increasing by more than
20%. These results are extraordinary even by EU standards.
Paper waste is the "killer" of waste disposal sites. Not only that it takes up a lot of space, but it
decomposes very slowly and thus causes extensive pollution of environment by releasing harmful
gases and polluting water and soil. Therefore, paper waste, or any other recyclable waste, is not to
be disposed at disposal sites. This is one of our company's primary interests.
Paper recycling helps in the preservation of nature and decreases the influx of new paper waste. It
increases the business efficiency of Croatian companies and helps in creation of new job positions.
Therefore, we need to became a part of this chain of benefit by simply disposing paper into the
paper disposal boxes. Such way of disposing paper is easy and beneficial.
You should do it too. Nature will reward you with a smile and a big hug.


Construction waste which contains asbestos is banned from the Prudinec/Jakuševec disposal site.
The website of the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature contains a list of companies
which are certified to handle waste that contains asbestos.